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THE REAL JAMES FRANCIS EDWARD STUART (James III) & THE JACOBITE REBELLIONS Firsthand historical accounts describe James Francis Edward Stuart as having a light BROWN skin complexion… “The Avigonese chronicler describes James as of light-BROWN complexion, with a gracious air, a little melancholy. His gait is firm and easy”

SOURCE; (James Francis Edward, the Old Chevalier; Martin Haile; 1907) This portrait is now called “Portrait of A Mulatto Aristocrat in Armor” It was painted by François de Troy circa 1690… François de Troy was a French painter and engraver who, in the 1690’s, became principal painter to King James II, and James Francis Edward Stuart… James Francis Edward Stuart was the nephew of King Charles II...

“Charles the second was, in the popular language of the day, a tall black man” SOURCE; (Norman Chevers, "An Enquiry into the circumstances of the Death of King Charles the Second"; 1861) Colonel George Gounter, helped Charles II to escape from England after the battle of Worcester…

“Colonel Gounter mentions that, shortly after the King had left Brighton, “soldiers came into the town to search for a tall black man, six feet two inches high,” meaning the King” SOURCES; (Henry Cary, ‘Memorials Of The Great Civil War In England From 1646 To 1652 ; Edited From Original Letters In The Bodleian Library Volume 2’; 1842) (George Gounter, ‘The Last Act in the Miraculous Story of King Charles the Second's Escape Out of the Reach of His Tyrannical Enemies ... Now First Published from the Original MS’; 1846) (“A Narrative of The Adventures of Charles the Second after The Battle of Worcester”; 1859) In total, nine Stewart/Stuart monarchs ruled Scotland alone from 1371 until 1603, the last of which was James VI, before his accession in England... After the loss of the throne, the descendants of James VII and II came to be known as the Jacobites and continued for several generations to attempt to reclaim the English (and later British) throne as the rightful heirs... The Jacobite risings, also known as the Jacobite rebellions were a series of uprisings, rebellions, and wars in Great Britain and Ireland occurring between 1688 and 1746... The uprisings had the aim of returning James II of England the last Catholic British monarch, and later his descendants of the House of Stuart, (James III) to the throne of Great Britain after they had been deposed by Parliament during the Glorious Revolution... James Francis Edward Stuart, nicknamed The Old Pretender by Whigs, was the son of King James II and VII of England, Scotland and Ireland, and his second wife, Mary of Modena... He was Prince of Wales from July 1688 until, just months after his birth, his Catholic father was deposed and exiled in the Glorious Revolution of 1688... James II's Protestant elder daughter (the prince's half-sister), Mary II, and her husband, William III, became co-monarchs and the Bill of Rights 1689 and Act of Settlement 1701 excluded Catholics from the English throne and, subsequently, the British throne... James Francis Edward was raised in Continental Europe... After his father's death in 1701, he claimed the English, Scottish and Irish crown as James III of England and Ireland and James VIII of Scotland, with the support of his Jacobite followers and his cousin Louis XIV of France... Fourteen years later, he unsuccessfully attempted to gain the throne in Britain during the Jacobite rising of 1715...

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