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the real fred

THE REAL FREDERICK THE WISE (Elector of Saxony) The X-ray reveals that the portrait originally showed John to be a so called black man... As I have said many times, and repeated many times, so called whites have created industry out of creating FAKE Statues and Paintings, depicting themselves in place of the REAL people of earlier times, who were so called Black people... But as one would expect when so called whites have complete control of historical materials, they make-up things, and create fakes to support their bogus history... As we know, these late comers to civilization have been on a mission for the last few centuries to obliterate so called Blacks from history, and falsely insert themselves... The problem is, people do not AUTHENTICATE these portraits... However, we have authentication techniques at our disposal: X-radiography Infrared reflectography Light Microscopy Stereomicroscopy But seldom do these portraits get authenticated with the findings reported to the general public... The reason is because this notion that so called blacks were not apart of Europe or the Nobility would quickly fall apart...

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