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the raid

THE RAID ON AUGUST 8, 2022, ON TRUMP’S MAR-A-LAGO RESIDENCE (stuff that the mainstream media will NOT tell you) In 2017 Trump appointed Christopher Wray as Director of the FBI. Wray continued to serve under the Biden regime. Wray was potentially a sleeper left in the FBI until he was called into action at the appointed time. His “raid” at Mar-a-Lago was to get the information in Trump’s possession and to submit that information into the Federal Registry as evidence. Now the court HAS to look at the evidence. It was an expertly crafted plan and the Deep State took the bait. Bruce Reinhart was the judge who recused himself from the Clinton lawsuit (Donald J. Trump vs Hillary Clinton et al.) but was the judge who signed the search warrant authorizing the raid. During the raid, the FBI was looking for classified documents that Trump had taken after leaving the White House which you can’t do. But as stated by Kash Patel (Trump’s Chief of Staff), there were no classified documents as they were all declassified by Trump prior to his leaving office. Therefore, the raid was NOT to get evidence against Trump but rather it was designed to get evidence AGAINST the Deep State. When the FBI executes a search warrant, ALL things taken in the raid MUST be counted as evidence. In this case the evidence was AGAINST the Deep State. CHECKMATE. The Deep State just unknowingly and royally screwed themselves. Ben Ben Ben Powell They took the bait and gathered their own evidence against themselves that is forced to be submitted in court from this warrant!

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