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the plan

THE KING ALFRED PLAN…Trial Run In the event of a Black uprising in the US, back in the 1950s there was a secret plan devised by the CIA to round up African Americas & put them in concentration camps. The Plan defined how to deal with the threat by cordoning off black people & putting them in concentration camps…where mothers are separated from their children, men are separated from the women & no one is allowed to leave! Back then, the Gov’t & their agents quietly said the Plan was a ‘Conspiracy’ or pseudo, but we know that the FEMA camps are standing & ready…just know, these Imperialist Crakkas plan 50-100 years or more in advance…Their Agenda is in full force! Could this round-up of Mexican children…separating them from their parents…be a trial-run for what they intend to do with AA ppl & all dissenters? They should send these children back to Mexico, but I think they have a more nefarious plan for these children…

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