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The origin of Star wars

Most people think the Jedi order of Star Wars was a fictional order created by George Lucas from his fertile imagination. Actually, Lucas based it on the Djedi, an ancient order of Egyptian priest/priestesses warriors who wore hooded robes, carried a staff of power and guarded the pharaoh. The secret techniques and knowledge of the Force taught to these Egyptian Djedi were passed down from Atlantis by Tehuti Aka Thoth (aka Hermes and Mercury) who was one of the priest-kings of Atlantis who sailed to colonies in Egypt, Peru and elsewhere before the sinking of Atlantis in order to preserve the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of Atlantis. But in order to ensure that it would not be misused again, it was kept secret and only revealed to select initiates.

of Star Wars were not simply the figment of George Lucas’s most fertile and provocative imagination.Those who have grown up coveting the powers of the Jedi will be pleased to learn that Masters of the Force did indeed once exist. Records of them survive in certain countries, such as Egypt and Persia, where they were magician priests and the guardians of powerful priest kings similar to the “Emperor” of Star Wars, albeit without his predilection for the “Dark Side.” In ancient Egypt, the surviving histories reveal that the Jedi manifested as the Djedi (hence the name “Jedi”) which was a sect of the priesthood and Masters of the Force that protected the Pharaoh; and in Persia they were the Narts, guardians of a Holy Grail called the Nartmongue and the protectors of enlightened priest kings who lived at least one-thousand years before King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The remarkable history and wisdom of these two early sects of “Jedi” Knights was first introduced to the West by the Knights Templar, who upon returning from the Middle East in the 13th and 14th centuries, distilled “Jedi” histories learned from the Sufis into a series of lengthy Holy Grail legends. Within these pithy legends the Templars synthesized the powerful emperors and priest kings of the past into the enigmatic figure of the Fisher King, the resident of a Grail Castle and the owner of various manifestations of the Holy Grail. His well-being and the safekeeping of his castle’s Holy Grail relics was given over to an order of Knights of the Grail, who were a distillation of the early “Jedi” Knights from Egypt and Persia. But the Knights Templar let it be known that they were not just historians of the ancient Masters of the Force; they were themselves a latter day version of “Jedi” Knights. This truth was boldly and authoritatively proclaimed in Parzival by Knight Wolfram von Eschenbach when he specifically referred to the Fisher King’s Holy Grail Knights as Templars. Parzival, as well as other historical references put forth in the true Djedi could awaken the normally dormant “serpent” power, the fiery Force at the base of his spine, and then move it upwards to his head where it would culminate in supernatural powers and intuitive, Gnostic wisdom. The proof that a Djedi had accomplished this alchemy is intrinsic to his name, which was, essentially, an honorific title. The Djed of Djedi denoted “column,” while the root word or sound Dj denoted “serpent.” Thus, a Djedi was one who had awakened the Dj or serpent at its seat and then raised it up his or her Djed “column” or spine to the head. Those Djedi that succeeded in this inner ascension could potentially become immortal, which is yet another meaning of Djedi. As the Serpent Force rises up the spine,its alchemical fire of transformation moves within every cell of the body and raises the frequency of human flesh to that of “immortal” pure energy.

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