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THE OLDEST & FIRST MAN—The Twa—The Leprechauns, Dwarfs & Gnomes of European Antiquity Albert Churchward, in his ‘The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man’ (1923) writes: “The Pygmy is the oldest and first man, and with him language originated, and the first sacred ceremonies”

Tales of goblins, pixies, fairies, dwarves, leprechauns, ogres, trolls, and gnomes, are prevalent in the mythology of the British Isles and Ireland… But what has not been readily revealed is that they are representative of actual humans… The so called Pygmy… “I believe that the first human beings who entered Cornwall in the Neolithic period belonged to a race of dwarfs or pigmies”

“Mr. R.G. Halliburton has traced these Pygmy races into Morocco and Spain. Long ago Jacob Grimm concluded from the traditions of elves, gnomes, and trolls, current in Germany, that dwarf races inhabited Central Europe in prehistoric times, and Professor Nillson has come to the same conclusion concerning Scandinavia”

“That able Celtic scholar, Professor Rhys, has, lately, in a valuable work, set forth the view that a dwarf race inhabited Britain previous to the Celtic invasion, and these views have met with general acceptance” “Cornwall, then, was in the early days of the Neolithic age, inhabited by a race of pigmies, like the Bushmen of South Africa” SOURCE; (Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall Issues 49-52; 1903) “It was in Africa that the little Pygmy was first evolved in the Nile Valley, from here these little men spread all over the world, until not only Africa, but Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Oceania were populated by them” SOURCE; (Albert Churchward, ‘Origin & Evolution of the Human Race’; 1921) “The first inhabitants of Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Arabia, France, and the British Islands were a race of small men, who did not average in height more than about 4 feet 5 inches. They were of slight build, with dark complexion. They were an African people” SOURCE; (James H. Anderson, ‘Riddles of Prehistoric Times’; 1911)

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