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the ntu gene

The Ntu gene before the spread of GMO foods and poisonous immunization injections rendered the black man to be well chiseled, strong and age defying. The Blackman then did not need to go to the gym. His daily activities allowed him to be well built. A black man rarely fell sick. He had a strong natural immune system. There was never injections for immunization at birth. Most black men lived up to at least 130 years of age before 1900s AD. When the slave traders from Arabia and Europe began to kidnap Africans from the motherland, they often chose young men between 12 years to 18 years of age who seemed potentially well build. That’s why most descendants of former slaves in America seem to have a stronger physical standing in terms of Body Mass Index. Africans that naturally held this sort of physique were those who fell into the category of Iru. They were found from Senegal all the way back through Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique down to Zululand. Hamites and other Nomadic Nilotics were tall but lean in build. The Twa genotype was extremely short and varied from stout to small in build. But here was love and harmony across the Abantu. All Africans were Abantu in the view of the natives regardless of slight gene differences. They were all ruled and guided by the spirit and the philosophy of UBUNTU which in many ways Ubuntu was based on the laws of Maateka (Maat)

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