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the niger

1 ) 1154 c.e. – Al-Idrisi – *12th century* +Turko semites still believed the Niger and the Nile were connected at the source, Lake Nyanza. Without a doubt Africans new this wasn’t the case, yet Africans did not teach them otherwise. It must be duly noted, Nyo is the derivative of moon in most Bantu languages. See, Lake Nyanza in the yellow circle, the source of the Nile, at the Mountains of the Moon, where we find the largest mountains in the entire map. *Maghreb al-Sudan* Lake Tchad & The Niger Lake Nyanza & The Nile +Turko semites were well aware of Uganda, Kenya, and the Great Lake Civilization and noted that it was more grandeur than any of their own city or nation-states. ***Swahili Coast*** Mogadishu* – Somalia Mombasa* – Kenya Zanzibar* – Tanzania Kilwa* – Tanzania +Notice North Africa is bordered by a mountain range that limits north African access into the interior, making the regions of Algeria, Tunisia, & Morocco’s territories much more realistic than the colonial lines drawn today. Meaning the Sahara was Black African territory in the early Islamic world. +Finally, we clearly see there is know knowledge of African territory beyond Mali in West Sudan, and on the contrary, there is know knowledge beyond Swahili Coast south of Tanzania. While the Islamic Africans in these Muslim regions were well aware of their neighbors in the Southern regions, they never exposed or introduced the Turkic semites to these regions. To say the least, this alone proves moslem African scholars had more geographic knowledge then the Turko semitic scholars.

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