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THE MEETING OF CORTES & MONTEZUMA IN 1519 by Schynvoet, J.; Townsend, Thomas, circa 1724

“…immediately behind him came a multitude of people from all parts, so that the streets and house roofs were black with natives..."

SOURCE; (Hernando Cortés, Five Letters, 1519-1526) “For a long time we have known from the writings of our ancestors that neither I [Montezuma], nor any of those who dwell in this land, are natives of it, but foreigners who came from very distant parts; and likewise we know that a chieftain, of whom they were all vassals, brought our people to this region. And he returned to his native land and after many years came again, by which time all those who had remained were married to native women and had built villages and raised children" — Montezuma SOURCE; (Hernán Cortes, “Letters From Mexico”)

The Aztec leader, Montezuma, explained that his understanding of the ORIGIN of the Aztec was as a people who arrived on the EASTERN shore of Mexico ABOARD SHIPS that had left a land from across the ocean... The writings of Sahagun say the Olmecs and the Mayan did not come from the North or Northwest into Mexico...

Sahagun wrote that they arrived by ships coming from the direction of the rising sun (East) and that they landed on the Gulf Coast of Mexico at Panutla (Panuco) All the "Nahua" people arrived in ships at Panutla, on the Eastern shore of Mexico, and they had come from the direction of the rising sun... It may be true that some group, or groups, of people immigrated into the North American continent using some lost Bering Strait land bridge, but the Olmecs, Mayan and Aztecs were not those people...

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