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The Master race of dumb asses

White pride? What is that? I’m a white dude and I don’t get it. Am I not in the cool guys club? Is my mayonnaise eating license revoked? Irish pride, Italian pride, German pride? Sure, that’s heritage. That’s culture. White isn’t a people, it’s a pigmentation. Why is black pride okay? Because African Americans were ripped out of their Homeland, forced into slavery, beaten, raped, whipped, murdered. Then they were treated like less than human for another 100 years after slavery ended, and they’re still dealing with this Bullshit. Black Americans have been trying to find their place in a racist country for hundreds of years and no matter what they do, half the white people in this country will fear them, hate them, and think they are above them. Their skin color and the patch of dirt they were born on is all they have to cling onto, and they use guns and the Bible to protect themselves. They represent the worst of America and now they’re traitors once again, just like the civil war. They just can’t let it go, ever. But this is the death rattle and we must stay persistent with resistance. #trumpanzees

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