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Lat. In the civil- law. A doctrine or fiction of the law by which the restoration of a person to any status or right formerly possessed by him, was considered, as relating back to the time of his original loss or deprivation; particularly in the case of one who, having been taken prisoner in war, and having escaped aud returned to Home, was regarded, by the aid of this fiction, as having never been abroad, and was thereby reinstated in all his rights. Inst. 1, 12, 5. The term is also applied, in international law, to the recapture of property taken by an enemy, and its consequent restoration to its original owner. Postliminium fingit eum qui captus est in civitate semper fuisse. Postliminy feigns that he who has been captured has never left the state. Inst. 1, 12, 5; Dig. 4′J, 51 (April 25, 2014 Note: The definition from the Black’s Law site appears to have been defamed with grammatical errors. The above definition, however, has been corrected. Original Source: What is POSTLIMINIUM? definition of POSTLIMINIUM (Black’s Law Dictionary)

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