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the last pirate

Raisuni 1871 – 1925 – “The last of the Barbary Pirates”

Wiki article:

Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni (1871-April 1925[?]) was the Sharif (descendant of Mohammed) of the Jebala tribe in Morocco at the turn of the 20th Century, and considered by many to be the rightful heir to the throne of Morocco. While regarded by foreigners and the Moroccan government as a brigand, some Moroccans considered him a heroic figure, fighting a repressive, corrupt government, while others considered him a thief. Historian David S. Woolman referred to Raisuni as “a combination Robin Hood, feudal baron and tyrannical bandit.” He was considered by many as “The last of the Barbary Pirates”. AFRICAN LEGACY ALL OVER THE GLOBE 𓋹 Read more on Raisuni on:

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