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the jacobite gleanings

THE JACOBITE GLEANINGS—So called Black Europeans deported to the West Indies & America—circa 1746 Below are excerpted pages from the book which tend to illuminate the racist lies created by Eurocentricks… i.e. No so called Black Britons, No so called Black royals, No so called Black Europeans, so called Blacks in the Americas are Africans etc., etc… “The Colonies and plantations had been for some time back the dumping ground for undesirables of all kinds—convicts, State criminals whether political or religious, rebels, suspects, malcontents, fanatics, and deserters” “On 31st July 1746, five weeks after Governor Pepperell’s appeal for soldiers from Jacobite sources, application was made for rebel prisoners being sent as recruits for regiments serving in North America and West Indies as follows:—Leeward Islands, 250; Jamaica, 100; Cape Breton, 400; in all 750.” “The first record of transportation in this rebellion was of 47 rebels shipped at Liverpool on 26th April 1746 for the plantations. These were transported to Montserrat in June” A description follows of the 150 rebels which Mr. Smith took at Lincoln, York, and Lancaster prisons in October 1746… The name, age, profession, county, and stature of each, with remarks, were given in every case… “There was an Edinburgh writer, George Hume, age 30, marked as a ‘Black man’ whose colour would, no doubt, suit the West Indies” SOURCE; (J. Macbeth Forbes, “Jacobite Gleanings From State Manuscripts: Short Sketches of Jacobites; The Transportations in 1745; 1928) AN EXACT LIST & DESCRIPTION of 150 Rebel Prisoners ship’d at Liverpool on board the ‘Veteran’—John Ricky, master—for the Leeward Islands; which were taken near Antigua Please note that in this list, so called whites are described as either having “fair” or “pale” complexions—so called blacks are described as “Brown”, “Black”, “Swarthy”—also note that the word “hair” is applied after “Black” in a few instances when the author is specifically referring to hair color… ROBERT ADAM—“Brown, smoothfac’d” DOUGALL CAMPBELL—“Brown Complexion, well-made, ruddy” ALEX CATTANACH—“Black, Ruddy” DOUGALL CAMPBELL—“Brown, Ruddy” ALEX CAMPBELL—“Brown, Pock-pitted” JOHN CAMPBELL—“Brown, swarthy” ALEX CAMERON—“Brown, well-made” ANDREW EDWARDS—“Black, well-made, strong” JOHN GORDON—“Black, well-made” ALEX GOODBRAND—“Brown, well-made” JOHN GRANT—“Black, well-made” ALEX GRANT—“Brown, well-made” JOSH HINCHCLIFFE—“Black, pock-pitted” JOHN JOHNSON—“Brown, pock-pitted, strong made” DAVID JOINER—“Brown” JNO KENNEDY—“Black, well made” GEORGE KEITH—“Black, well made” WILLIAM M’CLEAN—“Black, well set, strong, ruddy” ANGUS M’INTOSH—“Black, very strong made” PETER M’INTOSH—“Brown, very strong made, long chin” JAMES M’PHEARSON—“Black, lusty, well made” ALEX M’LEOD—“Brown, strong, stares” DONALD M’GILLIS—“Black, short-neck’d” ALEX MARNOCK—“Brown, thick set” GEORGE NICHOLL—“Brown, strong, well made” JAMES NEILSON—Black, swarthy, slender” WILLIAM ROBERTSON—“Brown, well made” JOHN STEWART—“Brown, well made, swarthy” JOHN THOMPSON—“Black” ISABELL CHAMBERS—“Black, tall & slender” ELIZA CLAVERING—“Brown, thin” ISABELL HAMILTON—“Brown, little” MARY KENNEDY—“Brown, full fac’d, ruddy” ELIZA M’FARLIN—“Black, lusty, ruddy” ELIZA ROBB—“Brown, thick” JAMES DUNBAR—“Dark complexion, well made” JOHN TOPP—“Brown, slender, healthy” JOSEPH BROWN—“dark complexion, well made” JAMES THOMPSON—“Brown, sickly” ROBERT WARREN—“Brown, well made, healthy” JAMES URQUHART—“Brown complexion, healthy” ANDREW MILL—“Brown complexion, slender, thin” CHARLES GRANT—“Brown complexion, robust, well made”

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