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Our list below, includes surnames from a number of Tribal and Census Rolls unique to Indian Territory (unless specified). -The Henderson Roll- F – K Although not included in the present list of names, Ethnic Cherokees may also need to view the 1835 Henderson Roll to compare surnames with ancestors known the inhabit the Cherokee domain. The reason is clear; the 1835 Henderson Roll Census lists some 1,959 persons of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia; With 68 pages, it requested information of the head of families known to have been Full-Blood “Indians, Half-Breeds, Quadroons, Whites and Slaves,” as well as “mixed Catawbas; mixed Spaniard; mixed Negroes” and “descendants of reserves.” Also listed are intermarried wives of Cherokees. The document listed intermarried wives of Cherokees. -F- Factor; Fair; Fanny; Faro; Faster; Fay; Fee; Fekhoniye; Fendall; Fester; Fields; Fife; Fik-hith-ka; Fims; Findley; Finley; Fink; Fish; Fisher; Fitzgerald; Fixico, Fixics; Flanley; Flannagan; Fletcher; Flint; Flowers; Floyd; Flynn; Folsom; Ford; Foreman; Forman; Forrester; Foster; Fowler; Fox; Frances; Francis; Franklin; Frazier; Freedman; Freeman; French; Frenchman; Froe; Fry; Fryday; Fuller; Fulsom; Fuswa; Futcha-hoke; Futopeche; -G- Gable; Gaines; Gains; Galloway; Gamble (Heirs); Gano; Gardner; Garland; Garlands; Garmon; Garrett; Gas; Gaskine; Gates; Gautt; Gaylord; Geary; Geer; Gehorn; Gentry; George; Gerry; Gerty; Gess; Gibbs; Gibson; Gibsy; Giddens; Gilbert; Gillispie; Gilrap; Gladley; Glass; Glazebrook; Glover; Goat; Godfrey; Golden; Goldsmith; Gooden; Gooding; Goodman; Goody; Gordan; Gordon; Gormly; Graham; Grant; Gray; Grayson; Green; Greenleaf; Greenwood; Greer; Gregory; Gremit; Grey Eye; Greyson; Griffen; Griffin; Griffiths; Grigory; Griggs; Grimes; Grimmett; Griner; Grissom; Ground; Grundy; Guess; Gully; Gunter; Guy; Gwin -H- Hadly; Hagie; Haines; Halfbreed; Halford; Hall; Halls; Halt; Hamersley; Hamiel; Hamilton; Hammond; Hammonds; Hampton; Haney; Hanks; Hanna; Hannah; Hardage; Hardgray; Hardrige; Hardy; Harken; Harker; Harkins; Harlin; Harlon; Harnage; Harjo; Harjoche; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Harrod; Harveson (Heirs); Harvey; Hasup; Hat-ho-yar; Hatty; Hawk; Hawkins; Hayecha; Haynes; Hayes; Hays; Heard; Helterbrand; Henderson; Hendricks; Henne-ho-chee; Hennesy; Henny; Henricks; Henry; Hepsey; Herod; Herrods Hershey; Hesahoka; Hesohoka; Hickles; Hicks; Higginbottom; Hill; Hillard; Hilliard; Hills; Hilly; Hilterbrand; Hines; Hobbs; Hochifke; Hochstetler; Hockstetler; Hodge; Hodges; Hodgkins; Hoktochee; Hoktoke; Holata; Holatka; Holland; Hollins; Holloway; Holmes; Holt; Homer; Honesan;Hooks; Hoparne (Amos associated with this family); Hope; Hopkins; Hopoille; Hoppy; Hopwood; Horn; Hotubbee; Hotulke; House; Houston; Howard; Huche; Hudson; Huff; Huffpower; Hughes; Hulbutta; Hulhoke; Hulleah; Hully; Hulwa; Humdy; Humphreys; Hunley; Hunter; Huntley; Hutche; Hutke; Hutton; Hyatt; *Note: (Haney Township established 10 miles northeast of the city of Seminole by Reverend Willis Haney in 1908. City lasted until 1916). -I- Icrimsker; Ida; Iley; Illiskarpan; IllisKarpar; In-char-we; Irons; Irving; Isaac; Isaacs; Isham, Ishmael; Ish-te-mamba; Island; Islands; Is-tal-li-ke; Ivey; -J- Jack; Jacksey; Jackson; Jacksy; Jacobs; Jakey; James; Jameson; Jamison; Janey; Jannati; Jarjoche; Jeff; Jefferson; Jemima; Jennetta; Jennie; Jessie; Jeuda; Jimmerson; Jimmey; Jimmie; Jimmy; Jimpka; Jimpsey; Joanna; Joans; Job; Jo-co-chee; Joe; Joel; John; Johnie; Johnoche; Johnsey; Johnson;Johnston; Jonah; Jonas; Jones; Jonoche; Jonoah; Jonasse; Jones; Joney; Jordan; Josey; Joseph; Joshua; Judy; July; Jumper; June; -K- Ka; Kamabe; Kambie; Kanard; Kane; Kaney; Katie; Katy; Kell; Kelley; Kelly; Kelso; Kemp; Kenah; Kendricks; Kennedy; Keno; Ke-pa-ya; Kernel; Ke-se-lar; Key; Keyes; Keys; Kibbett; Kidd; Kinarkey; King; Kingsberry; Kingsbury; Kinnard; Kinnona; Kirk; Kissie; Kith-lee; Knowles; Kotska; Krooms;

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