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the fagging system

From the formal, loveless life of prep school they go on to a public school. Eton and Harrow are the most famous and Prince William, the heir to the throne behind his father, Prince Charles, was sent to Eton. At these prep and public schools, the children either conform to the rules, regulations and thought control or they incur the wrath of the black gowns, the men in black. The ‘fagging’ system in which younger boys become slaves to the older ones has encouraged the desire to dominate and control others and introduced youngsters to the ‘joys’ of inflicting pain and torture on others.

A friend of mine who was determined not to be broken by the endless beatings he received from both teachers and older boys, was forced to lie in ice-cold baths in an attempt to break his spirit. It is from these schools, and the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, that the often deeply imbalanced people emerge who enter the positions of financial, political, military and royal power. The psychopaths among them give the orders and those of broken spirit do as they are told without question, just as they have been trained to do. The lack of female company encourages homosexual activity and many of these people find it very difficult to relate to women. I’m not condemning homosexuality, by the way, everyone to their own as long as they don’t force it on anyone else. I’m just explaining what happens, that’s all. There are some strange goings on at such schools which are designed to affect the minds of the children involved. Sexual abuse is definitely part of that.

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