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the faces change

The destruction of Africa can be described in three distinct phases.

First the invasion and overt control of the continent by the Black Nobility branches of Europe, the British, Dutch, Belgians, Germans, Portuguese and French.

Then came the transition from colonial rule by physical occupation to rule by financial occupation via corrupt presidents and prime ministers imposed by the Brotherhood. Anyone seeking power who will not play the game is removed by assassination, scandal or coup. The faces change, but the masters stay the same. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe under the manipulation of Britain’s Margaret Thatcher (Bil) and Lord Carrington (RIIA, TC, Bil, Comm 300), but all that happened was that the white dictatorship of Ian Smith was replaced by the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. The lives of the people of Africa have not changed because the same people are still in control. Only now its more difficult to spot them because they work behind the scenes. The third phase of this African operation is to turn the continent into a bloodbath which will destroy all coherent society and justify the imposition of rule by NATO and United Nations ‘peacekeepers’. The environment is being used as an excuse to steal more and more land and the debt crisis is being ‘solved’ by the banks of the Brotherhood offering to forgive ‘debt’ in return for the rights to the mineral resources – forever. The mass murder in places like Algeria, Rwanda and Burundi is not spontaneous, it has been organized in great detail, just as the conflict and genocide in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, etc, have been

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