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the dilemma

The dilemma of a half-breed, as a result of the election… I found this on the web and decided to share it. The piece is thought-provoking, in my opinion. I hope you can take away from it something of value. —————————————————————————— “Mixed guy here. losing all my friends due to racism. my father is African American. mother is white.” They both stood up to racism and stayed together and raised me and my sister. she’s a doctor. iIserved in the military as a nuclear machinist mate and while I’m not as successful at the moment, we are both well-educated law abiding citizens. However, due to this trump shit, I’ve lost half my family. The black side. Just gone nuts. And my sister… afraid that she’s joined them. She’s started yelling about white privilege and white racism, etc. Calls my mother racist. NUTS. Here is what I believe. The history of mankind is one of slavery, racism, tribalism, ethnic cleansing, religious intolerance, and sexism. Period. Whether it was Aztecs sacrificing slaves to the Sun, or African/Muslim slave traders, or Romans enslaving people, or the way Native American tribes butchered one another and treated women like dogs… all of these things were the norm. To this day, most nations on Earth practice some form of these things. In African, nations led by black leaders allow sexual mutilation of women, open slave trade, and gays are executed. The middle East is even worse, where the Islamofascism ruthlessly suppresses all. Asian countries are also incredibly racist. To the point where diversity literally doesn’t exist. The populations are monolithic. The most socially egalitarian nations on Earth and in fact, of ALL TIME, are all predominantly white nations. And how did these nations get this way? While every weekend we are treated to a new retelling of the horrors of Jim Crowe, the KKK, and the black slave trade in the South… who ended these things? White people. White people, from the north, marched down with guns and died in the hundreds of thousands to end slavery. White men passed laws giving women political power. The civil rights movement? Really? It’s told as if the exceptionally small minority of African Americans somehow forced the hand of the super majority white population and won their freedom in some gunfight. No. Progressive white people granted equal civil rights to African Americans. All of this culminating in the past eight years where homosexuals, transvestites, etc. were granted more and more protections. More and more super minorities were granted more and more protections and a disproportionately louder and louder voice. Until a nation with seventy percent of its population had a mixed president a black attorney general, a black supreme court justice and a disproportionate number of African American and homosexual advocates in the media. And so.. what happened in our new egalitarian paradise? What always happens. Racism. Bigotry. Sexism. Yet, where is it coming from? The white men who have through history marched inexorably towards this society we see today? No. La Raza. Black lives Matters. Feminist movements. Radical Muslims. The minority populations are expressing the same racist/sexist/religiously intolerant patterns that are expressed in nations where these people are the majority. And so I am fucking sick of white people getting shit on in the media and being cast as racist, when white people are LITERALLY, the most progressive, least bigoted people in the history of the FUCKING WORLD!

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