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the definition of a moor

Mandakiwi Ross 11 de enero de 2018 a las 13:16 Libyan Desert Certainly no Blonds or Mulattoes there; So… Moors & Berbers All of the above gives us good examples of how the word “Moor” was used, but not what the word Moor originally meant. Logically, the word Moor could not possibly have meant “Black” because that would make no sense. We know that the original Iberian’s (Spain/Portugal) were Black people. We know without a doubt that North Africans (including Egyptians) were Black people. We know that at the earlier times mentioned, the people of the Levant (Phoenicians and others) were purely Black people. Question: If Moor, Maure, and the other words mean “Black”, then how would that differentiate anyone from anyone? Obviously Moor meaning “Black” doesn’t work. Also it should be obvious that the Berbers didn’t call themselves Moors, that is what others called them. From – Etymological Dictionary of Modern English: MOOR – “waste ground,” Old English mor “morass, swamp,” from Proto-Germanic *mora- (cf. Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, Dutch meer “swamp,” Old High German muor “swamp,” also “sea,” German Moor “moor,” Old Norse mörr “moorland,” marr “sea”), perhaps related to mere (n.), or from root *mer- “to die,” hence “dead land.” In the languages of the people who called the Berbers Moors: we see a common thread that the word “Moor” relates to a Topographical feature of the Earth – i.e. “Wasteland” “Dead Land” . BEING MINDFUL THAT NORTH AFRICA IS MAINLY DESERT: It would seem that Moor originally meant “People of the North African Wastelands/Deadlands” (Deserts). Read more on:…/North_…/North_African_History.htm AFRICAN LEGACY ALL OVER THE GLOBE #RealHistoryWW #mkrNorthAfrica #mkrLibya

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