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the chinese are originally black

A CHINESE Do you notice anything?? Are you sure??? Look at his Hair… CHECK OUT NOT ONLY HAIR BUT ALSO FEATURES, AND OF COURSE SKIN TONE.. So, Don’t tell me that Chinese people will only have an AFRO because of some Perm that was created.. THESE PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE.. I am not saying that the perm does not exist, but I did a research on it and could not find how it actually looks like.. Whether or not the perm exists, it still doesn’t change the fact that some of these so-called Yellow Chinese have natural Afro’s from having Naga blood..

For those who don’t know, there this thing on the Internet saying that Asian people are creating perms to produce Afro’s.. Whether or not they are creating it, it does not change the fact that some actually have it naturally because of the bloodline of our brotha in this picture.. I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE SEEN THE HAIR OF THE BUDDHA STATUES… HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

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