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The ape people are white


Remember, Intelligence is The Natural Inheritance of All Africans.

It’s important to understand that they mastered the art of telling facts without really telling you what it means.

A good example of this would be ancient Kemet. That African civilization is the most popular civilization on the planet. They have made countless of movies, documentaries, books and even video clips about it. But in 99,999% of the cases they portray the people of Kemet as either Asiatics or Europeans. This means that they can tell you the greatness of something without mentioning the most of important information.

Usually that info is related to Black people and is supposed to uplift them. That info destroys all the lies they have promoted and gives us a great group image.

In the case of this study, it may sound new when we discover it today. In fact we’ve already been introduced to it before but the packaging was different. They’ve coined it through the label of “Most genetically diverse people”. It’s true but it doesn’t say what it really means. In the minds of most people, diversity is related to physical appearance.

Like when they’ve created the Middle East to steal Kemet from Africa. Or when they make movies about Kemet but only when the country was under foreign occupation. They say it without saying it. And since people don’t know the truth, their perception of that reality is manipulated.

They have studied & ranked the most intelligent animals using their DNA series, and the most intelligent animal always has more DNA series than the others. This is a fact. But they will never tell you that part of the story because it benefits Africans.

That “diversity” also means that Africans have extra elements within them that allows them to perceive and treat extra information in a very unique and effective way. Something that other people have a lesser ability to have or do. Meaning that Africans are very special. And that potential of genius comes from there. Remember that they have created studies & movements to to convince us that we were not more than inferior animals… CONTINUES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION

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