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I am one of those unfortunate/fortunate human beings born with a tail. Not so long ago, we were exposed to unfortunate, irreversible accidents at birth by well-meaning midwives and physicians. Later, attempts were made to cut our tails at birth, leading to defects of the spine and the central nervous system. Finally, we reached the point in time when most of us survived, so now our percentages are up to pre-industrial era levels.

My questions (2) are, Do you know in your communities whether there are support groups for us, and How many of you would be willing to marry one of us or to be intimate with us.

My tail–I am a male–is 4.25 inches, but I have seen tails of 32 inches on a male and 48 inches on a lady. My tail can be concealed in my trousers. Even in my underwear or swim trunks it is not noticeable, as it can easily be tucked between my legs. In the dark, with a girlfriend who has not been told about it, it can pass detection. The problem is that, once unformed, many do not want anything to do with those of us who have tails.

I would like to know just what would be your reaction to a person with whom you are out on the first date telling you he (she) has a tail.

Some tails are prehensile, that is, they can be worked much the way one works an arm. This makes for enhanced lovemaking.

Please be candid and research your community’s offerings and sympathies.

We have been neglected by modern medicine and psychology

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