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White people created perhaps the greatest evil of our time, that being our system and culture of white supremacy, that all white people continue to benefit from today. But instead of trying to dismantle white supremacy white American’s put all their energy into protecting it by tirelessly denying it, ignoring it, defending it, or by trying to project it on to people of color. What white people have never understood is that the lies of white supremacy have never brought us happiness, because it has robbed us spiritually, morally, socially and psychologically. It’s impossible to live in the psychosis of white supremacy without eventually living in the misery of an inferiority complex. Bigotry always turns inward on one’s self, and is the foundation for the dysfunctionality of conditional love. The insanity of white supremacy has failed white people, it has robbed us of credibility and dignity, and it has created for us a never ending reputation as untrustworthy. In short, it has ruined us.

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