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story of moses

If you read "The Tale of Sinuhe" which is the real life Moses autobiography, he tells you that he arrived in a city called Peten... The only Peten that can possibly be of any significance from that long ago is still called Peten today...

Now the gods at Hermonthis are called lords of the Southern Peten… Atum was termed "Lord of Peten" Rameses III called himself "Ruler of Peten" Amenanchut called himself "Ruler of the Southern Peten" Ancient Egyptian records speak of a King that is said to "Ennoble Peten with great monuments"

Peten / Pithom is one of the cities which, according to Exodus 1:11 was built for the Pharaoh of the oppression by the forced labor of the Israelites.. More than 60,000 previously unknown structures have been uncovered in Peten… The abundance of defensive walls, ramparts and fortresses suggests that warfare was widespread…

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