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st valentines day

When I learned the history of Valentines Day I immediately rejected it disgusted at what I had discovered. This part of the year, the energy of the people is being manipulated, disguised in the form of love. The people that are involved in spiritual wickedness in high places are harnessing our energy to strengthen their dark magic spells. They use emotion, colors and symbols during certain times of the year…all year long…to feed their god, as their food is that of human blood and emotions.

During Lupercalia/Valentines Day lewd sex rituals are performed secretly all around the world. Temple priests will engage in sexual acts with young women with the goal of impregnating them. The babies born from this ritual will be killed and offered as a blood sacrifice in another ritual which occurs just weeks after they are born during the winter solstice/Christmas. When you put it together it’s sickening. I do not want to hold on to this physically and spiritually disgusting tradition we have been programmed to give our energy to every single year…every single generation. This is not just “a day”. The reality of the situation is that your energy is being harnessed and used to feed their gods all throughout the year including Valentines Day. Sorry

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