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spiritual forces

"The Euro-Greed-Ians are so clever that they've stolen our Orisha Spiritual Forces and plagiarized them into the X-MEN of Marvel Comics.

Black parents raise their children on white-washed bootlegged supernatural heroes from Hollywood, paying thousands of dollars on movie tickets and toy store action figures but will not expose their children to the original truthful stories of these Divine Energies.

Shango has been plagiarized into Thor: Red cape, double-sided hammer axe & lightning/thunder. Goddess Oya has been plagiarized into Halle Berry's Storm Character as the feminine energy that controls the wind, Wolverine is the bootleg version of Orisha Ogun the wielder of a machete in each hand.

Wolverine has 3 (Ogun's Celestial Number) machete-like knives in each hand; a Wolverine is like a dog the animal that sometimes keeps Ogun company. Ogun has an uncontrollable temper just like Wolverine. Professor X is the white-washed Obatala, chief elder of the X-MEN and master of cerebral consciousness & guardian of right conduct just like Orisha-Nla.

I could go on and on but the point is that it's so sad that we can let our children adore white-washed supernatural heroes but won't introduce them to these real forces that come straight from their culture. SMDH" dr.umar

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