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Spingarn WTF

Even after knowing that the founder of the NAACP spied on Marcus Garvey and other Black freedom fighters, The Spingarn Medal is still the NAACP’s highest honor.… why is that?

Naacp Partnership With Fbi; Military Intelligence: The Military Intelligence campaign was spearheaded by the prominent NAACP founder and leader Joel E. Spingarn who enlisted the support of Emmett Scott (Booker T. Washington’s former chief assistant) and the NAACP’s Du Bois in speedily calling a preemptive June Editors Conference of more moderate leaders to undermine the Liberty Congress and support President Woodrow Wilson’s war effort. During this period Du Bois attempted to secure a commission in Military Intelligence (that branch of government which monitored radicals and the African American community) and wrote what was probably the most controversial editorial of his life-“Close Ranks”-which appeared in the July 1918 issue of the Crisis. It urged African Americans, “while this war lasts,” to “forget our special grievances and close ranks shoulder to shoulder with our own white fellow citizens and allied nations that are fighting for democracy.”41 The NAACP annual “Spingarn award” is named after the military spy on Black people & leader Joel Spingarn. Following the Liberty Congress, Harrison initiated “New Negro” criticism of Du Bois for urging African Americans to forget justifiable grievances, for “closing ranks” behind President Woodrow Wilson’s war effort, and for following Spingarn’s lead and seeking a captaincy in Military Intelligence. Harrison’s exposé, “The Descent of Dr. Du Bois,” was a principal reason that Du Bois was denied the captaincy he sought in Military Intelligence and, more than any other document, it marked the significant break between the “New Negroes” and the older leadership. The NAACP, under the direction of Du Bois and Spingarn [a white Jew], initiated a campaign they called “Marcus Garvey Must Go” and actually held public meetings designed to stir up anti-Garvey sentiment among Black people. In May of 1924, the Crisis printed Du Bois’ opinion that “Marcus Garvey is, without doubt, the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America and in the world,” and referred to Garvey as a “little, fat, black man; ugly, but with intelligent eyes and a big head.” Du Bois led eight negro members of the NAACP in sending a letter to the U.S. Attorney General, asking that he “use his full influence completely to disband and extirpate this vicious movement” and that he “vigorously and speedily push the government’s case against Marcus Garvey…” Garvey accurately called the letter “the greatest bit of treachery and wickedness that any group of Negroes could be capable of.” Du Bois’ criticism is all the more detestable because while Garvey was exhorting Blacks to build a nation–“Up you mighty race!”–Du Bois’ white NAACP boss, Oswald Garrison Villard, was telling negro businessmen that “I cannot think of anything that would more quickly raise the Negro race in the white man’s opinion than honest and efficient domestic service.” Ultimately, Garvey was jailed and deported–to the delight of Du Bois’ gaggle of negro traitors. Less than a decade later, Du Bois echoed a very Garveyite philosophy: “There are still large numbers of American Negroes who in all essential particulars conceive themselves as belonging to the white race.” Such negroes, he said, were ever ready “to flock to white America before they would flock to the brown West Indies or to black Africa or yellow Asia.” Blacks, he now thought without a trace of irony or repentance, “should begin to concentrate upon this problem of their economic survival.” He even suggested that a self-determined segregation may not be so bad after all. Purely and simply, as Garvey so aptly put it in his time, Du Bois and his intellectual children are the white man’s niggers. Thurgood Marshall and the FBI IN THE controversy surrounding the revelation that former NAACP leader Thurgood Marshall regularly pro vided information to the FBI, a column which appeared in the December 10 New York Times is particularly significant. The article, written by Denton L. Watson, a former public relations director for the NAACP, is an exercise in red-baiting worthy of the crudest of Cold War witch hunters. It says a great deal about the political role played and social interests served by the NAACP, both past and present Tony Martin, Race First: The Ideological and Organizational Struggles of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (Dover, MA: Majority Press, 1976), p. 192. Garvey, Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (Dover, MA: Majority Press, 1986), vol. 2, p. 310. See also Du Bois, “A Lunatic or a Traitor,” Crisis, May 1924, pp. 8-9. Quoted in Philosophy and Opinions, vol. 2, pp. 294-300. See Martin, Race First, p. 327. See also Wilson Record, “Negro Intellectual Leadership in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: 1910-1940,” Phylon 17, no. 4 (1956): 385-86: “It was the Negro intellectuals who, among others, were responsible for securing Garvey’s indictment and conviction” The “wicked” and “malicious” negroes who signed the libelous letter, and who, by so doing, “wr[ote] their names down everlastingly as enemies of their own race,” were Harry H. Pace, Robert S. Abbott, John E. Nail, Dr. Julia P. Coleman, William Pickens, Chandler Owen, Robert W. Bagnall, and George W. Harris.[Also, read Prof. Martin’s 1998 deconstruction of the stateside Tom, Henry Louis Gates]…cox_guest.html….l#anchor109673 ————————————————————– SPYING, THE NAACP & GARVEY By Andre Austin Marcus Garvey came to Jamaica in 1915 being inspired by Booker T Washington book Up From Slavery. Garvey ran into opposition from Dubois and the NAACP who he accused were spies for the government and white people. Garvey didn’t have the evidence then but we do now. Garvey advocated independence from white people and the government. The NAACP advocated dependence on the government for jobs of college educated talented tenth. This elitism and no economic socialism reenslaved black people to this day. The elites advocate preferential programs for privileged blacks and Affirmative action for upper middle class blacks and support white carpet bag unions who don’t hire blacks. During WW1 Dubois wrote his famous “Closing Ranks” essay in the NAACP’s Crisis magazine. He may have wrote this article in hopes of getting a spying job on blacks with the US military. The same military who spied on Martin L King and led Jesse Jackson to write a foreword to James Earl Ray book having suspicions that the Military Industrial Complex killed King directly or indirectly. Tony Brown wrote in Black Lies, White Lies that Dubois and others was spying on Black people. Joel Spingarn was an Austrian Jew & Chairman of the NAACP from 1914-1919 and its president in 1930, operated a network of black spies within the Black community under the direction of the U.S. Army military intelligence Division (MID).Spingarn was a fierce critic and enemy of Booker T Washington who advocated self-reliance and economic empowerment just like Garvey. Few blacks know that Spingarn ran a spy network against blacks, a domestic intelligence operation that served as a forerunner of the COINTELPRO FBI-led counterinsurgency program of the 1960’s. In the service of this government spying operation, Springarn used his position at the NAACP to gather critical information on the Black community. Among other covert acts, he turned over to the MID the NAACP membership list of all 117 NAACP branches throughout the country, with the names and home and business address of their top officers. Agent Spingarn took on the secret assignment of infiltrating and recruiting America’s talented tenth. His target was the Black aristocracy. Spingarn was not the only early NAACP leader to work for Army intelligence. It is generally known that W.E. B. Dubois actively sought appointment to the intelligence division in 1918. Springarn had wrote a Colonel that Dubois would write in the Crisis “To make his paper an organ of patriotic propaganda hereafter”.) Dubois who is a hero of many Black Marxian like Cornel West (A true blue Christian), and progressive, was a brilliant but racially ambivalent man. Dubois had a double whammy “Double Consciousness-his two-ness of being multi racial. His identity crisis would transfer to any black attempting to assimilate as white. You can’t be who you are not. The term “acting white” being good in school is a misnomer. “Acting White” is using white slang words and mannerism not being smart and getting good grades. But, Nevertheless, Dubois was for hire to the highest bidder and sold out. Garvey and Farrakhan said they wanted to sell the Blackman to himself. Garvey may have been right when he called him a “traitor”. When Julian Bond wrote against Farrakhan and the MMM for the NAACP I had a flash back into the history of Dubois against Garvey. Was Dubois working for the government when he attacked Garvey. Was he an agent. The judge who sentenced Garvey to prison was an NAACP member. Let us continue to study our history which will reward our research.

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