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They tried to make it a POINT to mention an "army of slaves" in the beginning of the film 300 before the Persian messenger arrived. Oh...the HONOR of the Spartans! The FEARLESSNESS!!! When the messengers from Persia went to Sparta with the message of Land and Water, the King Leonidas was outraged.

He looked at his people. His looked at his ancestors. He looked at the freedom and power of Sparta. But...he "looked" like a f*cking so called white. The REAL Spartans were Black people. Actually, ALL of the ancient Greeks were Black people! I have been telling you worthless n*ggas that for years! have no honor. You have no respect for yourselves or your foremothers and forefathers. You LOVE the idea that you are just slaves. Even Xerxes of Persia was a Black man!

Remember those RED CLOAKS that the Spartan warriors had. The REAL ancient Spartans STILL wear those RED CLOAKS! Stand up!!! This is SPARTA

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