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When we think about the perception of black people today, we usually think about negative things. And that perception is usually what racists use to affect and manipulate the world. But this has not always been the case. Africans were first worshipped in Greece and Rome. The people bowed down to these deities who were all black.

For example, the rites of Apollo were founded by Delphos and his black mother, Melainis, name from which words like Melanin are derived.

There was also the worship of black Isis and Horus that was very popular in Rome, and the Roman colonies as far north as Britain. In other words their first perceptions and relationship with blackness is related to deity and power. Nothing to do with slavery, inferiority. They knew. They just kept it quiet.

Later on that cult will evolve into the worship of the Black Madonna and Black Christ, European Christians also bowed down to them. As you can see in the image, the Madonna in the vatican is black.

In fact, one of these black Madonnas was a Sudanese woman of the thirteenth century A. D.

Without a good understanding of our history, whatever we do is waste of time. Living without knowing the true history of Africa is like wasting that life. Because you are not aware of your true self, of your true potential and of what you can accomplish.

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