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ALL CAUCASIANS ARE NOT RACIST, SOME ARE NICE There are many alibis (excuses) used by junk addicts. For example, the addicted Negroes say that all Caucasians are not racist or that some Caucasians are nice. There are also “nice” alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, homosexuals, rapists, cancer patients, diabetics, etc.. Being “nice” does NOT stop white folks from having the dis-ease of White Supremacy just as being nice does not stop diabetes. “Nice” Caucasians accept the benefits of their white skin (White Supremacy) and do not actively or militarily stop other whites from being racist. They are guilty of White Racism by passive participation and association. They live in a cracker (white racist) house and accept the economic benefits and social advantages from supporting the cracker (White Racism). If they were truly “nice” they would move out of the cracker house or stay in the house (work within the system) and destroy it without any African participating or telling them to do so. “Nice white folks” is another Negro excuse used to stay addicted to Caucasian junk food, junk culture and junk religions. Nutritionally, Caucasian junk food is twice as deadly to Africans.

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