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STUFF THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT… THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURS! ~ A Spark from Sister Alfreda Gilmore ~ Alfreda stated: Wow. I had a similar discussion with a friend, a couple of months back. We both believe that they renamed, hid the history of, our thriving Cannabis/Weed/Herbs industry into what we now think of as the Tobacco industry (Indian statues). One being the Tobacco Indian statues wearing tobacco skirts was more than likely the Cannabis Indians. Compared to tobacco, cannabis/herbs grows faster, have more medicinal properties, and other benefits that tobacco does not have. My Response: You must have been reading my mind! I had the same epiphany when I realized that the crowns and skirts or kilts were Tobacco Leaves! Now, one has to only use Common Sense to ascertain that if the Ancestors were adorning themselves in FRESH green Tobacco Leaves…that this was a resource that was used for clothing. Tobacco has to be dried and cured before consumed. Air-cured tobacco is hung in well-ventilated barns and allowed to dry over a period of four to eight weeks. Air-cured tobacco is low in sugar, which gives the tobacco smoke a light, sweet flavor, and a high nicotine content. Cigar and burley tobaccos are air cured. Virginia tobacco is sun-cured. Sun-curing tobacco leaves are strung out on racks and exposed to the sun for 12 to 30 days. The sun’s direct heat fixes the leaves at a yellow to orange color with a high sugar content.

Curing Marijuana is a slow process that lasts as long as the grower desires. The average range is about one to two weeks again, however some connoisseurs deploy much lengthier cures with some lasting as long as a few months. So, knowing the process of curing both Tobacco and Marijuana to be consumed…wouldn’t it be more plausible to conclude that both were used in the bowl pipes that were carved by the Ancestors? And considering that fresh Tobacco leaves were worn even after they dried out and changed colors by many tribes, which plant would be used more for smoking??? Hmmmm…

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