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Well now this is and has been a challenge for me to deal with the implications of a supposed and well rounded curriculum that supposed to be enlightening the minds of Americas educational system and for the betterment of our future generations.

well recently without naming names Ive been told that the Afrocentric historians and version of world history is predicated on a false sense of self that gives a badly needed ego boost for Black people.

To say the least I was appalled, but than again I have to step into the shoes and mentality of that person and from what I gathered he/she has a feeling of wanting to belong, accepted, liked and appreciated for defending a worthless position that he/she has been propagated by whites against black people around the globe.

Off the bat we know Columbus didnt discover a damn thing but this particular person will fight tooth and nail to defend this lie and others as if his/her own people didnt contribute not one iota, I mean come on these euronut cakes have a system of education geared towards making whites look like the purveyor of all thing good, wholesome and great whereas Blacks are relegated to the bottom rung of the civilization ladder.

Well to tell the truth the world couldnt and wouldnt exist without Black people on it from which all other people come from especially so called whites who are by the way descendants of Albinos making them Albinoids.

“There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I’m not watching it as carefully as other people.” -Ditka

This comment by Ditka goes to show the wide, long and deep ignorance that Whites share that so pervasive that it escapes their imagination of whats true and more importantly whats a lie.

Let me delve into this a little bit here, White people as we know them today have told so many lies that they actually believe in their own grandiose nonexistent historical facts.

For example they believe in the following that they civilized the world, that they were the Egyptians the Romans the Greeks and ancient Americans.

That they created writing and the numerical system we use today, farming, agriculture, astronomy, math, medicine, physics, law, morality etc.

Ummmm excuse me mr whitey all of those accomplishments were dont by Blacks in fact it was the Black man and woman that civilized white people and got them off their knees and out of the caves of Europe and taught them how to bathe and clean their environment.

It took white people 400 yrs to get to the point of being able to do anything of value and still they act uncivil towards their fellow man doing nothing and spreading what they do naturally and best the 4 Ds death, destruction, disease and despair.

This level of ignorance and arrogance lends itself to their own destruction and to the point they dont even see it or deflect away from the problems they are all facing which is their ultimate destruction and removal from the planet forsuredly the planet is fading back to black.

In the immortal words of Jane Elliot “Black people were here first and will be here last white people are going extinct.”

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