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skin complexion

It’s so astonishing that this post has caused such a firestorm. Any time legitimate questions are raised and facts are presented or statements asserted that refutes the false archetypes presented throughout history by the Europeans and their descendants suddenly “color” and “skin complexion” shouldn’t matter because it’s SPIRITUAL. I don’t disagree so much with the spiritual aspect of this initial post by Judah Moshe but TMH called out and sanctified a specific human bloodline, not so much for their skin complexion, but let’s be real….THEY HAD TO HAVE A SKIN COMPLEXION….

Now, “color” and skin complexion has mattered for over 400 plus years. It seems the protaganists for the “olive” skinned with European features and the pictures that have always been presented as true and accurate get bent out of shape when biblical Israelites are stated to have melanin or referred to as “black”. Now all of the sudden it’s considered “divisive” because biblical Israelites are referred to by their more than accurate skin complexion, but it certainly wasn’t divisive when the nation of Israel refused entry to darker-skinned hued Israelites seeking to become citizens of the state of Israel huh. “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” -Tennessee Williams

Liars love and ALWAYS employ false narratives. The real question should be what are you so nervous about? The truth? Having a rationale and reasoned discussion on the matter? Why can’t your false narrative withstand scrutiny without you continually moving the goal posts? Please stop moving the goal posts and changing the rules as usual. For when presented with evidence regarding the very possible skin complexion of the biblical Israelites, skin complexion suddenly doesn’t matter…

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