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There isn’t A LOT OF media coverage on this WHY? These 2 wicked devils Kenny Fry and Kelly Fry who live in OSCEOLA, Iowa adopted 2 children from Ghana, Africa years ago and kept them in a plastic room, they slept on plastic mats, used a plastic pale as a toilet in that room and ate oatmeal everyday for years while in their custody. The door had an alarm on it so if they tried to open it the alarm would sound and they’d get punished by doing squats and push ups… Meanwhile their white biological children slept in furnished rooms, well feed and well taken care of. The neighbor across the street said she never even seen or knew these people had 2 African children in their home she only saw their white children and the white children playing outside. They got arrested in Sunday June 24th, 2018 and bonded out… How could they allow these monsters bond after what they did to those children? SMFH

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