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Someone once said that You cannot seduce someone who is satisfied with their life. And that’s true.

So how do you do that? How do you convince someone who thinks he is better than you, who doesn’t need anything you possess to make a deal with you?

2 possibilities.

The 1st case is that you don’t. If the target is too smart and strong it will never work. Give up.

The 2nd case is that They need to control us through aid. But we don’t want their aid.

So they sabotage (wealth but also culture and history) in order to create emptiness and lack. From that lack, comes a need and then they pop up like by magic with the solution to that need, NGOs, Aid, loans, etc. This is the classic trick.

In the case of Africa, they have manufactured that situation through wars, destabilizations then the destruction and the control of Africa’s image (reputation) & history. It’s easier to manipulate people in need than those who are satisfied. That’s why they will put you in a struggle.

These elements have impacted our public image but also the way Africans see themselves. This is a double edges sword. Because on one side it impacts the way other people interact with us but on the other side it affects Africans self-esteem & confidence.

Both effects benefits the oppressors because they have support of other groups with the justification of our oppression, and on the other side it creates weak, obedient Africans who can’t see their worth and who will make bad deals that benefit their oppressors.

That scarcity is manufactured. That’s what happens to some countries. Who are oppressed because they refuse the narrative that is imposed to them. They know It is an illusion.

That’s also why we end with the wealthiest countries in the world waiting for the poorest countries in the world to save them. People with no resources, no creativity acting like they are wealthy.

All this is related to the image. As long as we resist and control our narrative everything will be fine. Don’t fold. We know who we are. It won’t work. True Africans never fall for these weak tricks. They see them as the weak vampires they are. They can’t fool us.

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