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secret orders

[Special Note: Secret Oath Societies- Masons, Freemasons, Fez wearing Moors, and others had taken an Oath-the Original People shall never rise and become aware of who they truly are. These Agents have started “Sovereign Nations” to elicit members. These are Agents working for these Governments/Corporations. There is one Agent telling People to Get a Passport for Moors. This is just another trick, these People are paid a Commission for those they get to “sign-up”. Remember, we did not have Secret Organizations in America, prior to the arrival of the European and his minions (who were brought here with the intent to steal the Land and Kill The Original People). One Clear way to know if your “Sovereign” Nation / Society/ Tribe is a Government Psyop, is do they ask for a Social Security number? Are they a Federally recognized Tribe? Do you have to Sign ANYTHING? If the answer is Yes, then it is a Government Run Organization.] ~Do More Good Deeds

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