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Sad but True

I was talking with my wife about Lovecraft Country being cancelled because we both enjoyed the series and are disappointed that there won’t be a second season.

During the conversation she made an interesting observation: A lot of us want “our stories” to be told by Hollywood today, but many of us did not want to hear these same stories when our grandmas would share knowledge about our family histories, ethnic myths, and national legends. Forget about listening to the neighborhood drunk on the corner who also knows OUR STORIES.

We were often disinterested and figured that our elders were old, senile, and didn’t know what they were talking about. As a result, we ignored their jewelry cloaked in rambles. We now want to see a dark chocolate Inanna on the silver screens of AMC, but didn’t want to listen to Nana tell “our stories” in her living room.

Central to this ongoing conversation is the question of VALUE. How much do we truly value our stories? Do we intrinsically value them more than we value the external gaze and validation they receive from Hollywood?

There is no shortage of people in our communities who are competently telling “OUR STORIES.” You already know this.

Maybe if we placed more value in these people we would be operating each day from an awakened genetic memory of greatness that fosters independent institutions. Perhaps we can then put Nana on our screen instead of begging Hollywood to put her on theirs.

Hollywood is a child of capitalism and capitalism was breastfed with the blood of our ancestors. Hollywood has honored its genetic lineage through what it cancels and what it green lights. I think we should honor our genetic lineage as well

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