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Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and other top flight universities must rescind posthumously the PHDs awarded to these clowns of Racial Science whom they knew were fraud and cared nonetheless about doing what was right and acknowledging the true efforts and history of Black People whom the world owes it debt to for being not only the Mothers and Fathers of World History but of All of Humanity period.

Enough with the lies and deceit We the People must be heard and our voices shall be heard triumphantly via the media for the true indigenous people of the earth and the silent majority and the 99% v the 1% we are coming for you stay tuned for the WMB show where the best of our people are on display from the past to the present and well into the future the WMB show is the voice of the people nation and world. Coming Oct 15th at 3pm new york time on the you tube channel wmb of lies and deceit.

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