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Here’s Some Real True Talk.

The Majority Black People Don’t Trust Whites Because of: Slavery, The Ku Klux Klan, The Tuskegee Experiment, The Tulsa Riot, The Black Wall Street Fiasco, The 40 Acres and A Mule Lie, COINTELPRO, The Assassination of MLK, The Assassination of Malcolm X, The Civil Rights Killings, The Civil Rights Beatings, The Bombing of That Church With The 4 Little Girls Inside, All of The Crooked Prejudice Police Experiences, The Predatory Loans, Higher Interest Rates and Unfair Credit Ripoffs, GEORGE W. BUSH, Unfair Judicial Court Decisions, The Rodney King Beating, Philadelphia MOVE, LAPD, HPD, The NY Rap Task Force, Unemployment, The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, The TEA PARTY, The Miseducation of Their History and Culture, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, The Word NIGGER, Their Misrepresentation In Main Stream Media, Cocaine, Guns and Drugs Being BROUGHT INTO Their Community, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, The Allen Sisters, Rekia Boyd, Being Owned In Sports, Being Owned In Entertainment, Being Taught and Encouraged To Hate Themselves, The Control That They Are Not Allowed To Have To Run Their Own Businesses, Politics, Schools, Organizations, etc. without Outside Influence, Scrutiny, Jealousy and Eventual Destruction….amongst Many Other Things.

So….Why Do Whites Mistrust & Hate Blacks? Because Their BLACK. What Else Is There? ~Justice All Ah

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