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Mafanikio Daima está con Mari Mariza y 3 personas más. 26 de diciembre de 2012 a las 13:37 · THE REAL NOBILITY OF EUROPE The REAL Italians The information which pertains to the Original Italians is a very long one. Saint Catherine of Bologna September 8 1413 – March 9 1463 The preserved body of St Catherine of Bologna in her convent of Corpus Domini in Bologna.. Also, check out Master of the Baroncelli Portraits 1440 – 1520: Flemish: flourished 1480-1490 via The Courtauld Gallery, London. One of the paintings will stand out.. Though the rest have been tampered with or retouched. Born to the NOBILITY ( not so-called slaves, not servants) of Bologna, Italy, the daughter of a DIPLOMAT. Tradition says her father received a vision telling him of her birth. Maid of honour to the daughter of a marquis, receiving the same training and education as her mistress. Franciscan tertiary at age 14. Poor Clare nun. Novice mistress. Established a Poor Clare convent at Bologna, Italy in 1456, and served as its abbess. Miracle worker. Prophetess. Mystic. Visionary. Painter and manuscript illuminator. Received a Christmas Day vision of Jesus cradled in Mary‘s arms. Cannot believe that these people decided to have put two Caucasoid angelic figures next to her.. At least they did not destroy her PRESERVED body..

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