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CONQUEST OF ANAHUAC: CRITICAL THINKING AND COMMON SENSE Loved Ones, After further studies and research, accompanied with the many Facts and Truths shared by fellow researchers, the fallacious assertions of the Bering Strait THEORY; which was proposed in 1937 by Eric Hultén, and named Beringia after the Danish cartographer Vitus Bering, who had sailed into the strait in 1728, and the overwhelming evidence, the Facts and the TRUTH that support the statement and one of my video’s namesake that so-called Native Americans Ain’t Native to America. The TRUTH supported by the Historical Researches state that the majority of the ancestors of today’s so-called recognized Indigenous or Native American’s, i.e., the Mongols and Tartars RECENTLY Invaded and Migrated throughout the Americas in the past 800 years!!! According to the Conquistadors, the Mongol Turkic allied tribes told them that they had just arrived in the land (America) two centuries Before the Portuguese and Spanish, or the Suevi and Visigoths in the 1500’s. This explains WHY there are No hundreds or thousands of Eurasian skeletal and fossil remains found throughout the Americas that date beyond 1,000 years ago, and WHY many so-called Native Americans tribes REFUSE to have the ancient mummies that are found on tribal lands exhumed…. Because they KNOW what the results would be and how it would expose the TRUTH. According to the Historical Researches, seven tribes from Mongolia and Tartary invaded the Americas in the 13th Century, then Assimilated and Usurped Peru (Tawantinsuyu), Mexico (Anahuac), Bogota (Columbia), Natchez (Mississippi) and Talomeco (Florida). This too explains WHY we SEE the Mongol/Tartar phenotype in the many tribes and people in these regions today. In particular, the ancient land of Anahuac, now known as Mexico; which is named after the conquering Mongol tribe called the Mexicas. What is even more compelling is the Fact that the historical name of the Land is Anahuac, or Anaha + Hauc, and recorded in the Torah in the Book of Yoshua is the Land of Anaharath, and this is land allotted to the Tribe of Issachar. When You Separate the Scriptures from Man Made Religions You Can SEE the History!!! PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANNEL!!! If you enjoy the Content and Production, Please Show Your Support!!! Music Provided by Nucleus Productions FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. We Do Not Own Any Copyrights for the video material presented; which is used for transformative purposes such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Conquest of Anahuac: Critical Thinking and Common Sense Loved Ones, After further studies and research, accompanied with the many Facts and Truths…

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