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Alright group...I trust everyone is feeling well and doing fine today. In my delightful and gratifying working of telling the world that this is the END of racism, I FINALLY ran across a very wonderful and spectacular gift. The racist so called white people did something many years ago that still has a MAJOR affect on the world's people. They DIVIDED everyone.

I showed THIS photo of a beautiful Black woman and child in an archaeology group. A woman from INDIA or YEMEN said..."She is not Black"... That is what the RACIST have told the world. They say that AFRICANS are the ONLY Black people. They even made up a term "Sub-Saharan" and Negroid to try to add credibility to their FRAUD.

The young woman said something that I have been waiting for someone to say for OVER 5 years..."JUST CUZ SHE HAS BLACK SKIN DON'T MAKE HER AFRICAN"..." Once you understand that you ALL are Black People (Black Skinned)...then, you can realize that you ALL are family! This is the END of racism.

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