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WHO are the People depicted and illustrated repeatedly from the start of colonization in the 1500’s by the Spaniards and Portuguese, who they called Negros de Terra; meaning “Blacks of the Land,” and the Dutch, Swedes, France and Britain over 200 years Before the Turko-Mongol Siberian tribes of Navajo and Apache were discovered by the U.S. Military during the expansion of the west in 1846??? These American Aborigines are on display in all of these foreign country’s museums. Research it! However, these are just the so-called Negroes that were FIRST discovered and encountered by Europeans. These people have inhabited the Americas for eons, at least 338,000 years according to DNA. The most ancient cultures and civilizations in North, South and Central America all depict and show WHO the Original People of the Americas are, and they are confirmed by scientists in anthropology, genetics and forensic to be Negro….

Here are a few links that you can personally research that answers all of your questions and doubts…Scientifically.

The Father of All Men is 340,000 Years old | New Scientist…/dn23240-the-father-of-all-men-is-340000-years-old/

Keith Cheng: States: White People and Asians are Mutants of Black People

First Americans were Black according to BBC documentary

Dr. Richard Neve of Manchester University facial reconstruction of Luzia, the oldest skull ever found in the Americas.

White people are not human. The original confession

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