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Queen of Queens

DO YOU KNOW THAT THE FAMOUS NEFERTITI BUST IS PROVEN FAKE? IT WAS CREATED BY CAUCASIANS WITH EUROPEAN FEATURES TO PERPETUATE THE FALSEHOOD THAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS WERE EUROPEANS. THE NEFERTITI BUST IS PROVEN FAKE The famous Bust of Nefertiti has been proven to be an Egyptology Fraud created by an artist commissioned by Ludwig Borchardt. It was a deliberate attempt to make her look European. The bust of Nefertiti draws half a million tourists to see her in Berlin every year. But now doubt has been thrown on the authenticity of the painted limestone and plaster bust of the 18th dynasty Egyptian queen Nefertiti by two authors who claim she is a fake. According to a Swiss art historian, the bust is less than 100 years old. Henri Stierlin has said the stunning work that will later this year be the showpiece of the city’s reborn Neues Museum was created by an artist commissioned by Ludwig Borchardt, the German archaeologist credited with digging Nefertiti out of the sands of the ancient settlement of Amarna, 90 miles south of Cairo, in 1912. In his book, Le Buste de Nefertiti – une Imposture de l’Egyptologie? (The Bust of Nefertiti – an Egyptology Fraud?), Stierlin has claimed that the bust was created to test ancient pigments. But after it was admired by a Prussian prince, Johann Georg, who was beguiled by Nefertiti’s beauty, Borchardt, said Stierlin, “didn’t have the nerve to make his guest look stupid” and pretended it was genuine. Berlin author and historian Edrogan Ercivan has added his weight to the row with his book Missing Link in Archaeology, published last week, in which he has also called Nefertiti a fake, modelled by an artist on Borchardt’s statuesque wife. Public and political enthusiasm about the find at the time gave the artefact its “own dynamic” and led to Borchardt ensuring it was kept out of the public gaze until 1924, the authors have argued. He kept it in his living room for the next 11 years before handing it over to a Berlin museum, since when it has been one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The statue was famously admired by Adolf Hitler, who referred to it as “a unique masterpiece, an ornament, a true treasure”. The archaeologist who claimed to have found the bust was actually going to reproduce a new sculptor of the Queen wearing a necklace he knew she had owned. He was also experimenting with colour tests with ancient pigments found at the digs. After completing the bust in 1912, the copy was admired so much by a German Prince; the Archaeologist couldn’t sum up the courage to tell the Prince it was a fake. THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY KNEW THERE WERE HUGE ANOMALIES WITH THE BUST ‘..The bust has no left eye and was never crafted to have one. This is an insult for an ancient Egyptian who believed the statue was the person themselves..” He also said the shoulders were cut vertically in the style practised since the 19th century while, “Egyptians cut shoulders horizontally” and that the features were accentuated in a manner recalling that of Art Nouveau. It was impossible to scientifically establish the date of the bust because it was made of stone covered in plaster, he said. “..The pigments, which can be dated, are really ancient..” he added. ARCHAEOLOGIST AT THE TIME NEVER MENTIONED THE FIND AT THE SITE – IT WAS NEVER LISTED UNTIL 11 YEARS AFTER THE APPARENT DISCOVERY – THE ARCHAEOLOGIST DIDN’T EVEN SUPPLY A DESCRIPTION Stierlin also listed problems he noted during the discovery and shipment to Germany as well as in scientific reports of the time. French Archaeologists present at the site never mentioned the finding and neither did written accounts of the digs. The earliest detailed scientific report appeared in 1923, 11 years after the discovery. The archaeologist “..didn’t even bother to supply a description, which is amazing for an exceptional work found intact..”. Borchardt ‘knew it was a fake’, Stierlin said. “..He left the piece for 10 years in his sponsor’s sitting-room. It’s as if he’d left Tutankhamen’s mask in his own sitting-room..” Apart from anything else, the bust looks nothing like the ‘real’ Nefertiti images, it’s as if someone has attempted to make her look European. The other pictured artifacts are true authenticated images of Nefertiti showing she’s Black. There is a relief depicting of Nefertiti that is carved from Limestone displaying her with prominent African features. It’s kept at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Archeologists also found a statute of the body of Queen Nefertiti from the Kingdom, Dynasty, reign of Amenophis IV-Akhenaten, BC Quartzite. The body of Nefertiti has a body shape that is clearly an Africans. It’s kept at the Louvre Museum | Paris. There’s also many more carvings and paintings depicting Nefertiti with her husband and children that are also all depicted as Africans. DNA TESTING PROVES THAT THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK: Do you know that DNA testings conducted on mummies of Pharaoh Ramses III, his son, and many others have scientifically confirmed that the Ancient Egyptians were Black? Although Egypt is a country thousands of miles well within the African continent, and although all of its Pyramids, and the Great Sphinx, were built by Africans thousands of years long before the first Arabs arrived there in the 7th century, and although the tombs are filled with countless of evidence that the ancient Egyptians were Black white historians still refuse to acknowledge the ancient Egyptians as being Black. This is because white societies cannot teach the true great history of Africa to Black people and continue their oppression of them. Because when a people are taught of their true greatness they no longer accept their oppression. Throughout western history oppressors have always subdued and controlled the oppressed by heavily demoralizing them. Because the damage that self-loathing creates makes people easier to control. Oppressors have used this tactic to imprison the minds of the oppressed for centuries. This demoralizing tactic is what’s presently being done to Black people by white societies. This is the real reason why millions of Black people have been miseducated by white schools to believe that before the the arrival of the brutal white enslavers, that Africa was uncivilized and illiterate and therefore has no written history. This is however, totally untrue. The Timbuktu University (in Mali, Africa) and its library are older than any of those found within the Western world. Timbuktu is the world first university; it was built by Mansa Musa empire of Mali. It was composed of three schools, namely the Masajid of Djinguereber, the Masajid of Sidi Yahya, and the Masajid of Sankore. During the 12th century, the university had an enrollment of around 25,000 students from Africa. In Timbuktu, there are about 700,000 surviving books. They are written in Mande, Suqi, Fulani, Timbuctu, and Sudani. The contents of the manuscripts include math, medicine, poetry, law and astronomy. This work was the first encyclopedia in the 14th century before the Europeans got the idea later in the 18th century, 4 centuries later. The false derogatory narrative that Africans were illiterate and uncivilized before the arrival of whites is a necessary lie in order for Europeans to maintain their psychological dominance over Africans. For years white societies have therefore done their best to conceal the fact that the great ancient Egyptians were indeed Black. However DNA testings conducted on the mummies of the ancient Egyptians in 2012 and 2013 scientifically proven that they were Black. In December 2012, DNA tests were conducted on the mummies of Pharaoh Rameses III and his son, which proved that they belonged to human Y chromosome group E1b1a. This is the Y chromosome group of Black Sub Saharan Africans who speak Niger–Congo languages. The disclosed Y chromosome group of the Pharaoh, at the time of releasing the report, was considered as just one of the details to make the investigation scientifically solid with facts. Another group of mummies from the Amarna period of Egyptian pharaohs were tested by DNA Tribes, an American Company which specialises in conducting DNA tests, in 2013. The conclusion of the tests were that the mummies autosomal profiles would be most frequent in the present day populations of the African Great Lakes region and Southern Africa. Subsequent analysis of the autosomal profile of the mummy of Pharaoh Rameses III also concluded that this matched the genetic profiles of the population of the Great Lakes region Africans as well. It was reported in the DNA Tribe’s digest of February 2013, that the DNA results of the ancient Egyptian Amarna royal mummies matched with the present day genetic profiles of Niger–Congo. Most of us haven’t heard about these results because this story has been intentionality suppressed from within the US media. It’s been suppressed while there has been instead a false story being circulating on the internet ridiculously claiming that King tut was a European. Whites will always create so many distractions to keep us from the truth. DO YOU KNOW THAT THEIR EXIST PROOF THAT THE GREAT SPHINX PROVEN TO BE THE HEAD OF AN AFRICAN. Do you know that there exist substantial proof that the Great Sphinx of Giza is a sculpted head of an Black person? There exist a reputable historian’s eye witness account, written testimony and an artist rendering proving that the Great Sphinxs is a sculpted head of an African Man? These are the types of evidence that a person might take to court to win their case. However the system of white supremacy has always suppressed all evidence that contradicts the myth of white superiority and falsehood of Black inferiority. This includes hiding all evidence that the Sphinx is the sculpted head of a Black African. Most of us have heard the story that when Napoleon’s army arrive in Egypt on July 1 1798, he ordered that cannons be used to deface the Negroid face of the Great Sphinx of Giza. However most people are not aware that there does exist substantial evidence proving that the face of the Sphinx was in fact an African Negroid man before it was defaced. During the French invasion into Egyptian Napoleon was accompanied by a French diplomat, author, archaeologist and artist named Dominique Vivant Baron Denon. Before the defacing of the Sphinx, Baron Denon asked Napoleon to allow him to first draw an illustration of the massive Sphinx of Giza before its face was destroyed. Napoleon agreed to the request and allowed Denon to draw a picture of the Sphinx before its defacement. Soon after Vivant’s sketch was complete Napoleon ordered the nose and lips shot off the Sphinx! Napoleon’s objective for defacing the Sphinx was to remove the negro features. However the true features of the Sphinx survived in the Vivant Denon drawing. This attached drawing of the Sphinx’s is a true copy of that original sketch drawn by Denon. It’s given signed completion date is July 1 1798. This date affirms that it was drawn shortly after the French invasion into Egypt. Vivant clearly captured the facial features of the Sphinx and they are clearly Negroid as stated by the eye witness Herodotus. The drawing shows that the Sphinx’s features were clearly that of a Negroid African before it was damaged. Seeing the Sphinx with distinct negroid features also establishes that the ancient Egyptians were in fact a black culture. This drawing was later published in the 1803 in an issue of Universal Magazine. Here is also the written account about the Sphinx of Giza in Denon’s own words: “…Though its proportions are colossal, the outline is pure and graceful; the expression of the head is mild, gracious, and tranquil; the character is clearly African, but the mouth, and lips of which are thick as most Negroes, has a softness and delicacy of execution truly admirable; it seems real life and flesh. Art must have been at a high pitch when this monument was executed; for, if the head wants what is called style, that is the say, the straight and bold lines which give expression to the figures under which the Greeks have designated their deities, yet sufficient justice has been rendered to the fine simplicity and character of nature which is displayed in this figure…” — The Sphinx of Giza image (above) is from the Freeman Institute Black History Collection Vivian Denon was a well respected diplomat. He was appointed as the first Director of the Louvre French museum by Napoleon after the Egyptian campaign of 1798–1801, and his drawing of the Sphinx displaying its original Negroid features are commemorated in the Denon Wing of the modern museum. He also wrote in his two-volume Voyage dans la basse et la haute Egypte(“Journey in Lower and Upper Egypt”) published in 1802, that the original Egyptians were Black skin Negroes and that the sculpted face of the Sphinx was of the same Negro racial type before it was defaced by Napoleon’s army. Dominique Vivant Baron Denon continued to insist up until his death on 27 April 1825 that that the original face of the Sphinx was that of an African Negro before Napoleon had it was destroyed by cannon fire. The reason why most Black people are unaware that there exist a reputable eye witness account, written testimony and an artist rendering affirming that the colossal Great Sphinx is in fact that of a Black African is because this information has been intentionally suppressed from the public distribution by the ruling elites. We’ve been bamboozled by whites. They’ve stolen our ancient African history and portrays it as theirs. WAKE UP! By Franklin Jones – The Black Matrix

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