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queen elizabeth

Elizabeth II is known NOW as Elizabeth Windsor but in 1917 all of her family were GUELPHs .We are told that before the British Royals became WINDSORs — their name was SAXE-COBURG and GOTHA .THIS IS NOT THE CASE. When the present Queen Elizabeth II ‘s grandfather George V signed the proclamation in July 1917 , which changed their name to WINDSOR — He signed the document as GEORGE GUELPH. It is indeed true that the NAME of their DUCHY in Germany was SAXE – COBURG and GOTHA. However that was NOT their own family name. It was GUELPH from the House of Wettin. This proclamation was for some time held in the British National Archive and it was possible until approximately 30 years ago to actually see it. That is NO LONGER possible — and it is rumored that it is now held in the small archive at the Tower of London.

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