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pull yourself up huhhh!!!!

This woman was shocked that I knew her family’s history all the way back to the 1800’s.

She tried to convince me that her great grandparents worked there way up from nothing in America as German immigrant farmers.

I had to ask: where did they get the land to farm?

I should’ve just accepted the sweet tale of hard working German immigrants that worked their way up and built a future for their future family centuries later. Not me! In the 1800’s millions of German immigrants came to America. Ohio was one of those places. Many made money killing and selling the scalps of Native Americans to clear the land. The land was taken from the indigenous people there. Many Germans were granted that land for free by the government to populate America with White people. She was astonished I knew this and wanted to know how I knew. “Your name.” Her name was German. It’s all in writing. Language or names can be traced. The history in America is no mystery. It’s not taught in school but is easy to find. The land for most White people was not earned. As soon as she said her grandfather was 16 and had to dropout to farm, and he would be in his 90’s, it fit the history. Today Germans are the largest group of people because of that. That’s why after Hitler, many Nazis were able to relocate to America so easily with government assistance, granted jobs, housing, etc.

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