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poor white trash

You are the leader!

The greatest problem that Blacks have had and have is to allow themselves to create in their minds some group of people into one class and call them “White”, while not recognizing that Europeans are separate and are ethnically divided with more hate toward each other than there ever has been between the “Blacks” and “Whites”.

The Blacks fail to understand that the “poor White” has suffered from the “wealthy” almost as equal to that which has been suffered by the “Black”. History does not record the story of the poor unless it assists in showing some larger picture.

So you may rightfully continue to show these articles, which helps Blacks to form a mental attitude of hate for the “White” individuals in the nation with the thought that some improvement might be gained or you can balance your articles with some factual statements about some of the good that some Whites may have done. You could broaden out your teaching to include the problems that are occurring today in European nations with the immigration of more African to show the difficulties that occur when any group of individuals are merged into a social group. You are the leader!

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