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Secretary of Virtual Records Walter Plecker in the background.

Marcus Garvey (c.) attended the renaming of the ship General G.W. Goethals to the S.S Booker T. Washington in 1925, after the ship was sold to Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. (New York Daily News)

Jamaican national hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who continues to get much respect in the island country and diaspora communities around the world,

Here's Someone You Should Know you so-called "African Americans:" Walter Plecker Paper Genocide of American Indians: Walter Plecker

Since the beginnings of the African slave trade in America many Native persons unfortunately, to the detriment of Native Heritage, were being listed as Black, Mulatto, Negro or just lumped together as "Colored" which did not allow for a distinction between us and Africans on paper. In the slavery days being listed as negro was done to our Native people in order for white slave owners to keep an ample supply of enslaved Africans. Many blood Natives have lost a God given blood Heritage due to slavery in Southern states in which approximately 50,000 or more full blood Native men, women, and children alike, were forced by white slave owners to take part in slavery, and with that travesty of race reclassification starting from the first census ever taken in America, Natives were falsely listed on all census records as (Negro), Mustee, Black, Mulatto, or Colored, and sometimes even White.

This was an intentional reclassification which was passed down from generation to generation to the present, even presently entered on many Natives vital records as in birth certificates, and social security data.

Walter Plecker of Virginia's Vital Records began a paper genocide trend that quickly spread thru out the 50 states and continues to this day.

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