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pizza gate

We need more help. Do your part to help stop the spread of false news and help us prove these truths!! #pizzagate 1. Please help us prove “Oh yeah this looks fun” is what normal people caption Instagram shots of their walk-in freezers with. Equally normal friends should comment with #murder, #killroom, or “Just rinse it off when you’re done”. If your friends don’t do this, you need new friends. 2. Please help us prove that “false flags” don’t exist and Operation Northwoods never happened and records cannot be found via the National Archives and Records Administration. Our government would never do something as shitty as that. How dare people keep referencing this non-existent, tin foil nonsense! 3. Please help us prove that Paul Bonacci was only awarded $1,000,000 because he had threatened the judge, as did his alters. His threats were far more powerful than those of the accused, too. Bonacci is clearly a badass. 4. Please help us prove that construction permits aren’t needed when making structural changes to a building. The Capitol has a history of making structural changes to things without the appropriate consent. Derp. 5. Please help us prove that the CEO of the New York Times is NOT the same person who concealed evidence at the BBC for Jimmy Savile. Mark Thompson is a common name. C’mon, now. 6. Please help us prove that past events are unrelated to the current situation we’ve found ourselves in. Cathy O’Brien and the like, Boy’s Town, McMartin Preschool, The Finders, Epstein’s Island, and the plethora of other historical examples have NOTHING to do with this. 7. Please help us prove that those who are NOT dreaming of John Podesta’s hotdog stand in Hawaii are just jealous, bitter peasants that don’t have a palate refined enough to handle the kinds of hotdogs he’ll be selling. 8. Please help us prove that you will go to jail if you sext with a teenager or rape your three-year-old daughter. No one is above the law. 9. Please help us prove that Dissociative Identity Disorder is often caused by severe emotional, physical, and/ or sexual abuse, but not specifically Ritual Satanic Abuse. The jury is still out on that. 10. Please help us prove that MK Ultra victim, Paul Bonacci, did not develop his Dissociative Identity Disorder from being abused. In fact, we should prove that he didn’t have it all since MK Ultra isn’t a real thing and can’t be verified by archived government documents. 11. Please help us prove that Josh from Comet Pizza didn’t mean to comment “cum visit” on Instagram. It was a typo. He forgot the “e”. 12. Please help us prove that Marina Abrimovic is not a Satanist, nor does she carve pentagrams on her abdomen. She didn’t mean “occult magic” in the literal sense on her Reddit AMA. She also didn’t further explain the difference between performing what she didn’t mean in public vs. private. How could anyone actually believe that she’s into something dark? Are they blind? 13. Please help us prove that rape is taken seriously when it’s reported, no matter who has been accused. The world is filled with upstanding citizens with the utmost integrity and power is never, nor has it ever been, abused. 14. Please help us prove that blackmail isn’t a powerful motivator. Just ask James Alefantis, David Brock, and that $850,000 passed between them. 15. Please help us prove that the “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan” is merely a fake news story from 2010. Nothing more. 16. Please help us prove that Operation MOCKINGBIRD (a CIA program from the 60’s that placed “company assets” in positions of power in the mainstream media outlets and includes reporters, anchors, producers, executives, etc.) was discontinued and never restarted or expanded under a different codename and doesn’t continue to this day.

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