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All features attributed to "white people" today are actually Black people's features. And this makes sense since the whole planet was Black. All of us can notice it just by looking at all groups of indigenous people of this planet. There are black people with all features we wrongfully attribute to white people, everywhere on the planet.

Black people with red/blond hair exist.

Black people with straight hair exist.

Black people with colored eyes exist.

Black people with "caucasian" facial features exist.

And they have existed before the appearance of white or pale skin. Proof that these features have nothing to do with a so called European or Asiatic admixture. These features have not given by white people at all. It is the opposite. Cheikh Anta Diop, the great African scholar even wrote that there were 2 types of Black Africans, with kinky and straight hair. But both were 100% Africans.

So, the way we see the world today is biased since we always try to oppose Black to White. And we wrongfully attribute all these features to white people. Thinking that they are they ones who brought it to the world. But that’s not the case. The true answer is that there is no opposition to Black because it is the root of everything. There is no white without Black. But there is Black without the existence of White. And it has actually been that way for 99,9% of the existence of the human race on this planet. It is not even a debate. There is no white race. There is only ONE Black race with numerous levels of melanin. One people with a great diversity.

Most of us don't understand how the current diversity, especially the one that causes the most problems, which is skin color, appeared. Many of us still think that there was a group of white people who appeared in opposition to Black people. This is what European racism has created to promote themselves.

Europeans classified human beings and put those who looked like them on top of it. Attributing themselves the merit of the achievements of all original melanated people.

What we have to understand is that most of these mutations started gradually. And slower than most of us think, we've been lied to. People didn't become white with straight hair and colored eyes just by magic one day. The truth is that some Black people started to lose melanin in some parts of their bodies. But not all at once.

It probably started with hair. Some people developed wavy hair, then straight hair. But they were still Black. We can see it with Australian Aborigines for example. They are Black with wavy, straight hair but also kinky hair. And they have all these features without any "white people’s" intervention. They are fully black, not mixed at all.

Then some people started to lose melanin in their hair. They started to be red haired or blond, but still with kinky hair, then with wavy and straight hair when they combined both mutations.

Then due to the climate first and for numerous other reasons later, some started to develop different facial and body features adapted to their new environment, but they were still black. We can see many people like this in Africa but especially in India. Indians are actually Black white people.

And finally the last and more recent mutation that is also the one that caused the most horrifying problems, skin color. Some people started to lose melanin in their skin. And this is the main feature attributed to white people or northern people. But they actually came last. Everything that existed south had already been created by Black people. Civilization was associated to Black people (even ancient Greeks wrote about it, that’s why their Gods were Africans according to themselves).

Civilization, knowledge, power were Black people’s "things". And it has been that way for a very long time even after Greece, Rome etc.

At the end some people ended up combining all of these mutations at the same time. And racist people decided to build an identity around these features to fit their terrible agenda.

People must understand that Pale skin individuals didn't reach the banks of Africa or even those of Southern Europe before very late periods. And even after they reached these areas, Black people were still there. So, it was a melting pot. European scholars added themselves in stories they had nothing to do with by getting the monopole of education. They created books, movies, illustrations etc. This is why so many people feel offended when we say that ancient figures were Black skinned or Africans. They fell for the propaganda and the lies. We are telling you the truth.

It is necessary to rethink everything we know about ourselves. About Humanity. It is necessary to question everything we've been taught.

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