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THE PELASGIANS & ETRUSCANS—(Phoenicians) “The Pelasgi were said to be of Phoenician origin” “These Phoenicians were called “Pelasgi” from their passing by sea , and wandering from one country to another”

SOURCE; (Elisabeth Wilson, ‘Lights and Shadows of Ancient European Mythology, Language and History’; 1881) “These more ancient characters, called Pelasgic, were originally Phoenician” SOURCE; (Johann Joachim Eschenburg, ‘Manual of Classical Literature’; 1843) “The Pelasgic empire was at its meridian as early as 2500 B.C. This people came from the islands of the Ægean, and more remotely from Asia Minor. They were originally a branch of the sunburnt Hamitic stock” SOURCE; (The North American Review Volume 139; 1884) Higgins and Bernal include the Phoenicians as part of the black and dark skinned Pelasgi who overran the Greek Isles and much of the Near East… “The Phoenicians and Etruscans were the same people”

SOURCE; (Godfrey Higgins, ‘The Celtic Druids’) “The Etruscan images, statues and vases, different from those of all other nations, though they sometimes seem to favor Egypt and Phoenicia” “The Etruscan language must have been the same, or nearly so, with the Hebrew and Phoenician” SOURCE; (An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time, Volume 18; 1781) The Romans are also known as Latin's... But the Latin's (or Latini, as they called themselves) were an ORIGINAL people of ancient Italy... Quite different from the so called white invaders from Central Asia... The initial make-up of classical Greek society - as well as Roman society: was of course, the indigenous so called Blacks, plus the so called white invaders (Slavic tribes from Central Asia) When we cast aside all of those fake marble Statues and Busts, which are 18th & 19th century creations, and rely on only the authentic artwork which was done by the people themselves, in their own ancient times, we see a very different story of ancient Greece and Rome... The first so called whites arrived circa 1,200 B.C. They became part of the so called black Greek and Roman cultures... Central Asian so called whites migrated into Greece and Italy circa 1,200 B.C. and over time, they were successfully absorbed into Black Europe and around 500 B.C. Mulattos were commonplace... But the so called whites who later usurped so called Black Rule in Europe, and expelled surviving so called Blacks, are much more recent invaders...

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